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 Consulting Overview

Orange Glou Founder Doreen Winkler 2. Ph
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Doreen offers a hands-on, consultative service to help restaurants craft their perfect natural wine program. Starting with engagements as short as 3 months, Doreen will work through the following steps to establish the best wine program for you.

In the initial consulting meeting, Doreen will learn about your concept, cuisine, wine budget and storage facilities.

Overall Analysis

Doreen will present a strategy based on your size, the costs of inventory, margins, and additional fees. 

Cost Analysis

After spending time to source the wines based on an agreed-upon concept, Doreen will propose a wine list that you will review and finalize together.

Wine Proposal

Doreen will conduct monthly staff trainings covering the wine list and a lot more information on the wine regions and best food pairings.

Staff Training

She will track all of your inventory, meet your financial goals and implement the best buying practices.


Doreen will work hard to continuously source the best wines for your restaurant on a monthly retainer and will plan ahead for months to come.

Looking Ahead

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Former & Current Clients

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